A network may be a set of computers connected along for the aim of sharing resources. the foremost common resource shared nowadays is association to the net. different shared resources will embody a printer or a digital computer. the net itself will be thought-about a network.

Definition of Computer Network

A electronic network could be a set of connected computers. Computers on a network are known as nodes. The association between computers will be done via cabling, most ordinarily the coax cable, or wireless through radio waves. Connected computers will share resources, like access to the net, printers, file servers, and others. A network could be a util association, that permits one PC to try to to additional.

Types of Network Connections

Computer networks are often attenuated traditionally into Topological, that could be a technique of connecting computers. the foremost common topology nowadays could be a folded ring. this can be thanks to the success of a network protocol known as the local area network. This protocol, or network language, supports the net, native space Networks, and Wide space Networks.

1.Star Topology

A network topology could be a style of a network wherever a central node extends a cable to every PC on the network. On a star network, computers are connected severally to the middle of the network. If a cable is broken, the opposite computers will operate delicately. A network topology needs plenty of cabling.

2.Bus Topology

A bus is another style of style wherever one cable connects all PC and also the data meant for the last node on the network should run through every connected computer. If a cable is broken, all computers connected down the road cannot reach the network. The good thing about a bus may be a token is use of cabling.

Ring Topology

A similar topology is termed a hoop. during this style, computers are connected via one cable, however the top nodes are also connected to every alternative. during this style, the signal circulates through the network till it finds the meant recipient. If a network node isn’t organized properly, or it’s down briefly for an additional reason, the signal can build variety of makes an attempt to search out its destination.

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