“it’s okay… they won’t eat you up” I tell my self for the hundredth time whereas standing ahead of the mirror.
Hey, I m Shanaya Singhaniya, an eighteen year recent college man.. well I simply joined it per week agone, and these days I m about to attend my 1st school party, one thing I even have unreal regarding since I used to be eight , I continually wished to attend one and once my day has come back I don’t need to miss the boat. I come back from a conservative north Indian family with strict oldsters and that we board Bangalore. this might be the primary time I might pay a full night out with school students and surprisingly my oldsters gave Pine Tree State permission. My father, Mr. Mukesh Singhaniya, is that the corporate executive of Singhaniya industries and my mother, Mrs. Bhumika Singhaniya may be a house maker. Well, I m in no way the sole kid of my oldsters, I m blessed associate elder brother, Aditya- a young guy in his twenties, with broad shoulders and large eyes, World Health Organization is a lot of sort of a friend and continually stood by Pine Tree State. Even these days I assumed he would facilitate Pine Tree State however sadly, he’s a small amount busy together with his girlfriend, Ritika, as they were during a fight since the last week and these days I shouldn’t disturb them sort of a smart sister. therefore these days I even have to upset this alone.

Ohhh… it’s six thirty within the evening and that I need to reach the venue by eight. the amount of my excitement has touched the bounds and that I couldn’t wait any longer, however I will by no means go there in these pajamas.
As I open my wardrobe I realize it arduous to make your mind up what to wear. 1st my eyes fall on a floral print jeans and a white crop prime, however, I can’t wear it as these days itself I got my legs waxed and that they look surprisingly hot, therefore next I move to a red high low dress that is kind of sensible however doesn’t satisfy Pine Tree State, then I verified concerning 10 a lot of dresses however nothing makes Pine Tree State feel that I might wear it for a school party. For the next 5 minutes, I stand idol before of my wardrobe, and suddenly I notice a little packet peeping through the pile of dresses. I picked it up and opened it…. I simply remembered that it absolutely was my black knee length dress that I had bought many months back however ne’er had the correct occasion to wear it.. therefore these days I conceive to wear this at the party. I checked the time and it’s already seen and that I required to hurry up. I took a fast shower, modified my dress and placed on some makeup. when golf stroke my 2-inch heels on I see the time and it’s 7:45 already. For the last time I see myself within the mirror, my hair looked utterly straight, the new lip gloss I got this morning had done its work creating my lips look brighter, with an attractive form. I looked agent than before, my one week diet had done its work. when loving my appearance for a few time I quickly run downstairs and took the key of my new swift that I used to be precocious on my eighteen birthday. I place the keys in, ignite the engine and drive to the venue.

As I reach the eating house I see concerning 10 cars and twenty bikes within the automobile parking space that was enough for my heart to skip a beat. Gathering all the courageousness I park my automobile, lock it and move towards the door. As I slightly open it, the chilled air comes out and that I feel a tickle on my face. I hear my favorite song being vied ‘the club isn’t the most effective place to search out love, therefore, the bar is wherever I go…’, my feet mechanically start moving.. anyway they ne’er hear Pine Tree State, however nowadays I actually have to stay them in restraint. As I move in I feel plenty a lot of assured than what I accustomed be in class times as a result of nowadays I feel and understand that I’m wanting stunning, okay I do know that I ought to impart those 3 hours I had to pay nowadays morning within the parlor to bring my natural beauty out and if this is often however it feels I’m able to make love each day… truly each month, I’ll decide that later.

As I reach the middle of the eating house my eyes seek for my new friends, Niharika and Radhika.
After an honest 5 minutes search, I spot them sitting within the corner of the eating house on a brown lounge and guffawing. I wave my hand in their direction and find a fast response. As I walk nearer to them I see Radhika in an exceedingly pink lace dress that created her seem like a touch doll and Niharika in a garment, with kajal on her massive black eyes. I join them and that they tell Pine Tree State concerning everybody within the party. Even they’d joined the school one week back, however, they’re responsive to everybody within the faculty, in contrast to Pine Tree State UN agency solely has 2 friends within the faculty.

“See him… isn’t he hot” Niharika points at a boy standing concerning one meter off from the US during a black shirt. Even I felt an equivalent as I saw him for the primary time.
“Who is he?” I raise with some hesitation in my voice.
“Rajveer.. a typical Punjabi. he’s one year senior to the US and nearly every woman within the school encompasses a crush on him”Radhika says whereas looking at him.
“U grasp tons concerning everybody here”
“Who doesn’t comprehend him, except you”
Now that was a right away slam on my face, except me! however the hell didn’t I notice him within the school, he’s thus extremely handsome.
While I keep looking at him all of an unforeseen he turns around and finds Pine Tree State staring at him, we have a tendency to exchange a look and he offers a fast smile. Niharika and Radhika notice that and that I get absolutely sunken in embarrassment. when a second I once more attempt to be traditional and consider my friends. I may simply not drive my thoughts off from his smile, which was thus hypnotic, I scold myself for thinking that approach and check out to place confidence in one thing else.

It’s an Associate in Nursing hour since I even have entered this eating place and I’m quite enjoying myself. once another fifteen minutes, Radhika gets up from the lounge.
“I’m extremely thirsty, would like one thing sensible to drink,” she says whereas trying to find the bar.
“Get Pine Tree State one as well,” I say as she starts moving towards it.
She comes back once 5 minutes with 2 glass of John Barleycorn in her hand. She offers Pine Tree State a glass and that I get a chock in my throat. I had ne’er tasted it before however, I didn’t wish to appear sort of a dumbo ahead of my new friends, therefore, I couldn’t deny her provide. I took the glass from her hand and took the primary sip, I felt like expulsion, certainly it had been the worst factor I had ever tasted in my life, however somehow I finished the glass and with each sip, it tasted higher, and that I started feeling it. I took another 2 glasses of John Barleycorn and currently all my shame had nonexistent. I got up from the lounge and affected towards the flooring. everybody was busy performing arts and enjoying the party. I affected everybody aside and reached the middle or the flooring and got everyone’s attention towards Pine Tree State. because the song vie “Dil letter pathar rakh ke muh pe makeup kr Liya ..” I started performing arts and forgot that I m during a party, whereas everybody else 1st gave Pine Tree State a clumsy look and so joined me. For the subsequent fifty minutes, I became unbeatable, however, presently I used to be tired and tried to achieve back the lounge. once performing arts for such an extended time my legs began to shiver and that I tripped. That was actually embarrassing, however, I used to be not in my senses. As I struggled to urge up I saw a hand ahead of Pine Tree State and that I took its support to get up, as I arrived my balance I rubbed my eyes to urge an improved read of my unknown helper and it had been Rajveer, despite the fact that I used to be a small amount too high however I used to be still discomposed. He helped Pine Tree State to urge back to the lounge and so he weekday beside me. For the subsequent 10 minutes, there was complete silence.

“Umm… therefore initial year?” He aforementioned breaking the silence.
“Yeah” I aforementioned with a small amount of awkwardness in my voice.
“Ooo.. cool. I’m within the second year”
“Ooo” I aforementioned simulation that I used to be not tuned in to that truth.
Again we have a tendency to fell silent.
“Wanna dance?” He asked American state along with his eyes choked with expectations.
For a second I went blank then there has been legion thoughts sport in my head. ought to I dance? Would I look desperate if I say yes?
“Yes or no?” He asked as I used to be lost in my thoughts.
“Huh… yea why not”
He took my hand and that we moved towards the floor. For the primary time in my life, somebody had created the American state feel therefore special. The DJ vie a romantic variety and every one the couples danced slowly, lost in their own worlds. He unbroken his hand on my waist and that I kept mine on his shoulder, we have a tendency to started moving slowly, the sensation was superb. His eyes were latched with mine, I wanted we have a tendency to may dance like this forever. we have a tendency to unbroken on saltation and dancing for a subsequent hour, I m simply presumptuous therefore as a result of I used to be too lost to envision the time. we have a tendency to were tired and set to travel and sit back for a few times. after we reached the couch I checked the time and it had been two within the morning. I used to be extremely tired by currently and that I wished to travel back home. I told Rajveer that I used to be returning to my house, therefore, he insisted to present American state an elevate, however as I had bought my very own automobile, therefore, I denied his supply and moved towards the parking zone. once I was close to entering my automobile somebody abroach American state from behind. I turned and discovered that it had been Rajveer.
“What’s the matter?” I asked with a small amount of confusion in my eyes.
“Nothing much”
All of a sudden he gave American state a decent hug.
“Nice American stating you” he aforementioned and smiled at me.
I smiled back. I used to be still stunned, however, I likable being stunned now.
“So… see you soon” he aforementioned and waved the American state an adios.
I weekday within the automobile and created my means towards my home. within the whole ride, I had an enormous smile on my face. Today’s expertise wasn’t as dangerous as I believed it to be, really it had been impressive.

Credits- Srajal Sharma

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