“I wanna say something” Rajveer aforesaid during a keep voice.We were within the middle of our faculty field and Rajveer was on his knees. All the scholars had gathered around U.S. to witness this epic scene. The dream boy, whom each lady desired up to now was finally excepting his love. “I’m listening” I replied whereas my cheeks turned red. I couldn’t believe my eyes that this was finally happening.“Before which will I actually have your hand?” he asked along with his hands stretching towards mine.“Okay” “Shanaya, I wanna say that”This feeling was superb, I couldn’t wait any longer to listen to those 3 magic words.“Shanaya, you’re late”What the hell, these don’t seem to be those 3 words I needed to listen to, however why was he speech that really was it even his voice?“Shanaya, arise you kumbhkaran” I detected somebody shouting in my ears.Everything before of Maine went blank. I opened my eyes and located my mother standing before of Maine. Oh god, was i actually dreaming? I simply want it absolutely was the truth. “ does one even notice what time it is?” she asked whereas viewing Maine.I turned my watch the clock, and it absolutely was 7:30 within the morning.“Oh shit” I cried out and jumped out of my bed.I ran towards the lavatory whereas my mother had still fastened her eyes on Maine. I didn’t have abundant time thus I unnoticed her. “Couldn’t you wake Maine up a small amount earlier” I loud from the lavatory.“You are eighteen, and still you don’t sleep on time. United Nations agency asked you to look at that silly program all night? And currently you’re screaming at Maine, that’s not fair” she replied during a rude voice.She was right, however I couldn’t facilitate. i used to be awake till time of day for that serial that I may even watch these days on-line, however immediately I didn’t have the time to accept that and that i quickly took a shower.“Come down as presently as doable, even your father is running late today” she aforesaid and slammed the door of my space.I wore black jeans and a white shirt, picked up my bag and went down. I weekday down for breakfast right before of pop.“Good morning dear” pop needed Maine whereas reading the newspaper.“Good morning” I replied.Mom placed a slice of toast, juice and cereals on the table.“Better you hurry up” she aforesaid whereas conveyance Breakfast for pop.“Yeah, mom” I replied.I grabbed the toast and drank the juice. i actually didn’t want feeding cereals these days thus I quietly slipped out of the house before my mother may discover that I didn’t eat them. I reached the school field and located one thing strange. everybody was giving Maine weird appearance. For a second I felt like i used to be a criminal that had run away breaking the jail and now could be below the foremost needed list. i attempted to cover my face and run faraway from there. “Come with U.S. Shanaya, you gotta see this” Niharika and Radhika dragged Maine to our faculty wall. From a distance, I may see one thing written in red, however because of the group, i used to be unable to work out what it absolutely was. With every step I may hear my heart beat rushing up, I got the sensation that it’d embark anytime. because the students noticed U.S. coming back shut they cleared the approach for us, initially that was very odd on behalf of me however once I placed my eyes on the wall I fully forgot that. “SHANAYA, i really like YOU” I scan that to myself. however that wasn’t it. As I scrolled my eyes down there was additional,“YOUR RAVI” That name gave life to k of reminiscences that I had buried in my heart. “Shanaya” I detected someone’s voice right behind Maine.I knew whose voice it absolutely was, actually, however may I not acknowledge, it absolutely was Ravi. His voice was as sweet because the initial day we have a tendency to talked, however I didn’t rotate. He understood that i used to be in no mood to examine his face once more thus he showed up before of Maine. Even when 2 years his eyes, lips, hair and everything was a similar, what they decision good. He kneeled down on his knees with a hoop in his hand.“I’m sorry everything that happened within the past between U.S., however i do know that you just still have an area on behalf of me in your heart. I swear baby, I actually have modified currently. I’m no additional that previous Ravi United Nations agency couldn’t worth your existence in his life. These 2 years are miserable on behalf of me, day by day I accustomed accept you and solely you. Please trust Maine for the last time darling. I promise I won’t allow you to down” he aforesaid providing Maine the ring.My dream had return true, the one I saw this morning, however it absolutely was fully with the incorrect person. I couldn’t take it any longer and that i ran faraway from there, as way as doable, till i used to be out of sight, till I reached the foremost unattended place of the school. i used to be tired and stony-broke down into tears. I weekday down with the support of a tree and continued crying. perhaps he was right, I still have an area for him in my heart and that i scorned myself for that. I want i might have maltreated him right there and brought my revenge. however currently my mind had remarked all the previous memories…

Credits – Srajal Sharma

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